Altered Backgrounds

Backgrounds Changes

For this game the background system has been overhauled, these rules completely replace all backgrounds rules where they don’t reference them.

Backgrounds and Experience
Backgrounds Cost Experience. Backgrounds may be raised at the cost of {New Dots} experience points. I will generally let players recover Experience invested in this fashion if story circumstances force the character to lose dots in a Background. Such protection is not absolute – dumb moves should have consequences – but you needn’t be afraid of permanent losses merely at a whim, either. Even backgrounds that are gained through the course of play (yes, even Heartsblood) need to be paid for in this fashion. Should the story demand that a character gain a Background in play without having the necessary Experience, she must spend at least half of all Experience she gains toward this Background until she is no longer in debt. Backgrounds are capped at 7 during character generation, but may rise above 7 during the course of play.

General Backgrounds

Celestial Artifact
The character possesses a single artifact with a rating equal to the number of dots in this background. Additionally she receives a number of dots of lesser artifacts equal to the rating, these artifacts must be of a dot rating of 2 less than the rating in the background with a minimum of 1. Artifacts of rating N/A cannot be purchased with this background and in fact do not interact with the background system at all. For amounts of this background above 5, 3 dots of additional artifacts are provided. For example a character with Artifact oooo would have 1 4 dot artifact and up to 4 dots of artifacts rated 2 or less, while a character with Artifact ooooo oo would have 1 rating 5 artifact and 11 dots of artifacts rated 5 or less.

This background represents people that are loyal to you or owe you. They have their own interests and expect reciprocation for help they render, though only at “friend prices”
Each Dot in this background provides one Ally that is roughly 75% as awesome as one of the PCs. Alternatively additional Dots can be spent improving the quality of an already purchased Ally. As this background scales with current PC power it does not provide extra benefits at high rating. Despite representing multiple people this background can only be purchased once. The increased demands of keeping multiple powerful individuals happy, both with the character and with each other, are represented by the increased cost.

This background represents an official, or open but unofficial rank in a specific organization. This background is unchanged from the Exalted Main Book, being a member of Asparagal’s Forum of 10 is Backing oooo being a general in Asparagal’s defense force is Backing ooo. The top N-(Number of players who wish to be members of the Forum) Exalts will be members of the forum Members of the Forum

This background (originally detailed in MoEP: Sidereals) represents knowing the movers and shakers, the day-to-day operators and the etiquette of an organization. In addition to the organizations listed in the original, each of the Lunar factions is an organization as is the Concordat. When this background is selected pick both an organization and a Celestial or Terrestrial Compass Direction direction (North, Blessed Isle, Scavenger Lands, East, Underworld etc.). The character knows how to contact 1 mover and shaker (an entity generally as awesome as a PC) as well as several minor contacts (generally accomplished by rolling the background to determine if you ‘know a guy’). The major contacts provided by this background are under no obligation to accede to the player’s wishes. Like Allies multiple Dots of major contacts can be combined to make a more powerful contact. This background can aid in allowing the character to qualify as a Savant or Sorcerer in the Mandate of Heaven. Unlike most backgrounds this can be purchased more than once provided that each purchase applies to a different area or scope.

This background represents people under your command for whatever reason. These people are loyal to their provider first and you second. If you have both Backing equal to your Command and it makes sense to the story you may be their provider. This background provides Dots Magnitude of Essence wielding troops, 2+Dots Magnitude of troops that use the Elite Soldier extra stat line, or 4+Dots Magnitude using the Green Troops extra stat line.

This background is unchanged from the Exalted Main Book. It should be noted that this background does not provide temporal power over the worshipers (that’s Backing) nor does it provide an army of the faithful (that’s Command or Followers). The cult provided by this background may not openly consist of the people of Asparagal for legal reasons.

This background is unchanged.

This background is unchanged. It should be noted that the individuals provided by this background, while incredibly loyal to you are not soldiers, if asked to fight they will use a stat-line worse than Green Recruit.

Originally printed in MoEP: Dragonblooded, this background represents people loyal only to you (or your cause) and themselves. These people are stat-ed as generally 10-25% as awesome as a player character. Typically this will make them puissant God-blooded, Ghosts or less experienced Dragonblooded. The Dots of this background provide 1/3/6/15/30/60/125/250 Individuals.

This background is used as written in the Exalted Core Rulebook. There are 5 control manses in Asparagal, if a character has Backing ooo or more with Asparagal they can have their manse be one of these control manses which are detailed in the Asparagal entry in the wiki. This background may be acquired multiple times.

This background is removed, mundane wealth is near-meaningless for beings of your power.

This background provides knowledge of a single Terrestrial Circle spell per dot and represents the standard training that Solar sorcerers receive. This spell must be drawn from the Exalted Main Book, or be the spell Emerald Circle Banishment. Acquiring spells through the normal means of study and experience expenditure does not necessitate the raising of this background, it simply represents the easy access to basic sorcerous knowledge in the first age.

This background provides access specifically to the Warstriders of Asparagal much in the same way as the Command background.

o - When Asparagal goes to war you are assigned a Scout class Warstrider with mundane weapons

oo – A Noble Warstrider

ooo – A Royal Warstrider or a Scout Warstrider with artifact weapons

oooo – A Noble Warstrider with artifact weapons

ooooo – A Royal Warstrider with artifact weapons

ooooo o – A Legendary Warstrider with weapons to match

ooooo oo – In the darkest hour of Asparagal’s conflict you shall sever the night sky with the omnipotent radiance of you massive warstrider panoply.

Altered Backgrounds

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