Altered Character Generation

Starting Traits and Experience

Exalted characters start with all Attributes at 1, all Abilities at 0, all Virtues at 1 and a Permanent Essence rating of 2.
The Solars in this game will then spend 900 experience points buying up any and all statistics at their normal costs as listed in the main book with no regard to training time. As detailed in my house rules Backgrounds cost experience points. As detailed in my house rules Willpower starts at the sum of the character’s 2 highest virtues, even if these virtues are bought after character generation. Willpower can be bought up beyond that as normal, but if Virtues are subsequently increased, no refund is provided. As a clarification the first dot of any ability costs 3 experience regardless of favored or caste status. Every character must raise their Virtues such that they have at least 9 total dots.


It has been a relatively peaceful time in Creation and your characters, even if not ancient, have gotten rusty. As they begin dealing with meaningful opponents and challenges they will rapidly re-acclimate to their difficult existence. For every session in which the party accomplishes a meaningful goal against significant opposition they will recieve 20 experience that can be spent without training time. This represents techniques that the characters knew previously but have not used in a while. This award will happen up to 5 times.

Being Ancient

Some or all of the characters may be more than 99 years old, and thus have access to Essence ratings in excess of 5 and all the juicy goodness that comes with that. If you decide that your character is Ancient, you must describe the fashion in which they are psychologically separated from humanity due to their long life as a God-King. This can be as simple a lack of belief in ownership due to a life without scarcity, or as insidious as the benevolent sociopathy of a watchmaker God.

Altered Character Generation

Exalted: Lords of Asparagal Xarei