Changes to Craft

Craft Problems and Changes

The first issue with Craft is that there are too many similar crafts for the dead. Craft (Moliation), Craft (Pandemonium) are now rolled into Craft (Soulforging). Craft (Jadecrafting) and Craft (Necrosurgery) are combined into the ability Craft (Necrotech).

The second issue is that the name of Craft (Vitriol) is misleading, it is now called Craft (Infernal).

The third and perhaps central issue is that re-buying a skill goes against the normal flow of Abilities in Exalted and makes charm minima confusing. Thus the canon multiple-skill system is replaced by a new system similar to the system for the Occult Ability and Thaumaturgy (which itself has been altered for this game)

New Craft System

The Craft ability represents a general set of systems and practices that are applicable to the construction of all objects. To use Craft for a given project a character must possess a special kind of associated trait called a Focus. Each Focus can only be bought once but a character is not limited in the number of Foci that they have. A heroic character recieves for free 1 Focus for every odd point of the Craft ability, they can purchase additional Foci at a cost of 10 experience (8 if craft is favored). The Craft skill can still have normal Specialties.

There are 5 Mortal Craft Foci, anyone can purchase these, the have no prerequisities

  • Craft (Air): Calligraphy, jewelry-making, creating precision instruments and glassblowing (making small, decorative or high-precision items).
  • Craft (Earth): Masonry, stone cutting, creating earthworks (creating buildings and large objects with stone or earth).
  • Craft (Fire): Blacksmithing, making ceramics (forging and casting large metal objects and creating objects using fire).
  • Craft (Water): Cooking, brewing, leather working, pharmacy, poison-making (boiling and cooking plants, chemicals and animal materials).
  • Craft (Wood): Carpentry, weaving, paper-making, flower arranging (carving, weaving and manipulating natural materials).

There are also 7 Enlightened Craft Foci, anyone with an essence pool can purchase these

  • Craft (Fate): The skill of weaving fate and deriving information from the Loom of Fate. Prerequisites: Air or Water
  • Craft (Genesis): The skill of modifying and creating biological organisms using Essence and technology. Prerequisites: Wood or Earth
  • Craft (Glamour): This skill permits Raksha to craft items out of Essence and dreams. Prerequisites: Air or Fire
  • Craft (Magitech): The ability to repair, operate and maintain all kinds of complicated First Age devices. Prerequisites: Fire or Earth
  • Craft (Necrotech): The skill permits ghosts to prepare corpses for Necromancy, repair and maintain existing necromantic artifacts and work with yellow Jade. Prerequisites: Earth or Water
  • Craft (Soulforging): The skill permits ghosts to combine the souls of the dead with Labyrinthine ore to create Soulsteel and allows ghosts to use certain Arcanoi. Prerequisites: Wood or Fire
  • Craft (Infernal): The skill permits the Infernal Exalted to manipulate the Malfean catalyst known as Vitriol. This is usually to produce Infernal relics, but may also be used for melting demons into chalcanth as well as a variety of other uses. Prerequisites: Water or Air

Changes to Craft

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