Greg's Errata

General Changes:

Weapon Stats:
We will be using the Armorium fan supplement for all weapon stats. This supplement generally tries to balance the stats of weapons and make things other than swords reasonable choices. It can be found here:

Action Speed:
No combination of effects can lower the speed of an attack action in combat to less than 3 ticks. Should a combination of effects attempt to do so each additional tick that the attack would be lowered is instead added as a bonus to the Rate of the weapon. If these effects are part of a flurry that ignores rate congratulations you wasted essence.

Explicit Dice Pool Caps:
Every rolled pool has a cap on the number of dice and automatic successes that it can have this is equal to the shared cap, plus the dice addition cap for a given exalt type. The shared cap is calculated as follows:

  • Attribute dice, which are subject to an Essence related maximum
  • Up to 3 dice from an Attribute specialty (This requires magic to buy)
  • Skill dice, which are subject to an Essence related maximum
  • Up to 3 dice from a Skill (normal) specialty
  • Up to the greater of 5 and Essence dice from equipment (This includes Accuracy of weapons and bonuses from artifacts and hearthstones)
  • Up to the greater of 10 and 2 x Essence dice from Anima powers

The Exalt type based dice addition caps are detailed in the appropriate MoEP books, but are repeated here for completeness. Remember that individual charms can change these dice addition caps for specific actions.

  • Dragonblooded can add up to Skill + Specialty, for a hypothetical +13 Dice
  • Sidereals can add up to Essence, for a hypothetical +10 Dice
  • Lunars and Alchemicals can add up to Attribute + Attribute Specialty, for a hypothetical +15 Dice
  • Solars, Abyssals and Green Sun Princes can add up to Attribute + Skill, for a hypothetical +20 Dice

Added successes always count as 2 dice per success. Altering the target number or converting dice to successes does not effect the dice addition caps in any way. Dice added by other characters’ effects are considered part of the appropriate pool for capping purposes. 10 is the absolute cap for Essence.

In addition to providing the benefits listed in Wonders of the First Age, Warstriders also cause their wielder to act in some respects like a unit of troops in Mass Combat. Each Warstrider will have a Magnitude stat, the wielder can use this Magnitude to avoid penalties for attacking larger Magnitude unit (or other massive entity) they however do not get a benefit (or suffer a penalty) due to magnitude when attacking smaller units.

Raising virtues after character generation will raise maximum willpower. Willpower can be bought separately at its normal cost. Subsequently buying Virtues up does not provide an experience refund.
Rather than rolling Conviction to regain Willpower each night, the character rolls their highest Virtue, in the event of a tie they roll their cursed virtue.

In addition to being usable during a roll to hit a character with a Grapple combat maneuver, Strength is usable during a roll to hit a character with any weapon with the ‘2’ tag (Two handed) that does not also have a Dexterity minimum.

Solar Charm Changes
Lunar Charm Changes

Greg's Errata

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