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Lords of Asparagal

Asparagal, like the Exalted themselves, is first and foremost a weapon fashioned to challenge the monsters that created the world. Again like the Exalted themselves, it has grown since the Primordial War into something else, a center for learning and innovation the likes of which will never be seen again.

Before the First Age the Twilight Aspera Shaper of Life found a realm beyond what is now Creation that was soaked in an unimaginable geomantic power. The master theurge designed a way to save this treasure from what she knew would be a terrible coming conflict. She planted specially designed creepers around the border of the land and fed them liquefied marble, white jade and adamant; over 100 years the vines sculpted a semi-living shell of magical materials beneath the land. In the mean time the potent Twilight crafted four legs of orichalicum, moonsilver and green jade, and a panoply of weapons befitting this undertaking. When all was ready Aspera bid the land itself to walk, and it did, Asparagal rose on its four legs and walked into the massive forests of the East.

With five scions of the Unconquered Sun at its five Manse-helms the City-strider Asparagal did battle with the most massive of the Primordials, slaying Azure Perfection and gravely wounding Isidoros. When She Who Lives in Her Name assaulted creation with her terrible fire Asparagal outran the blaze, traveling faster than any thought possible at the cost of Aspera’s own life. With her dying breath the Shaper of Life inscribed the constitution of the nation of Asparagal into the orichalicum walls of the Forum.

Hundreds of years later the City-strider still defends the Eastern border of the now much smaller Creation. Per the words of Aspera it is still ruled by the Forum of 10, five essence wielders and five without the touch of the Gods. It is a place of vigilance, cooperation and invention, it is the greatest artifact ever built and you are one of its many Exalted rulers.


There are a number of rules clarifications and outright changes that this game will be using:

Here are some pages detailing various aspects of how this game is run:

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