Members of the Forum


These Exalts are listed in the current most reasonable line of succession to the Forum seats of Asparagal.

Hebredea the Real
Chosen of Serenity
Though she was newly exalted at the time Hebredea still remembers the closing days of the Primordial War. She is well known for her discoveries surrounding the edges of Creation and what lies beyond them, and it is said that her odd moniker is part of an occult protection against the shifting beings of that place. Her political goal is to focus the savants of Asparagal on research tasks in her field. She is not especially known for her panoply.
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Serene Song of Waves
Water Dragonblood
Ancient by Dragonblooded standards Serene Song of Waves has honed her essence to its peak and her wisdom is sought even by those of Celestial station. She is commited to the constitutional ideals of Asparagal and sees herself as a bridge between mortal and Celestial Exalt. She wears the Cassock of Purity’s Light a sacred garment that seems to enchant each step she takes with glowing orchestral beauty.
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Compassionate Corona
Zenith Caste
Known by his full sobriquet as The Infinite Forgiveness of our Father Sol Invictus, The Compassionate Corona, The Inexorable Embrace of Redemption. Forgiveness is the chief diplomat of Asparagal. A masterful statesman, he ardently advocates peaceful resolution of all conflicts and constantly seeks ways to redeem and forgive the enemies Asparagal encounters. He is the pilot of the manse helm Eternal Adamant Guardian. He is oft clad in Orichalcum Celestial Battle Armor and wears the Crown of Thunders upon his brow.

Jolaan Dreameater
Full Moon
Chosen by Luna from among the ranks of the millions of refugees that fled the destruction of Creation itself, Jolaan has a burning hatred for the monsters that live beyond reality’s borders. A consumate general, his political agenda includes increasing martial readiness and avoiding any peaceful contact with Fae or Demons. His war form is a towering moonsilver-backed gorillla and he wields the immense maul Weight of Permanence and the impenetrable armor Argent Tower.
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Joy of Sunset
Night Caste
Joy of Sunset is a young Solar exalt from the ranks of the Zephros. She is known for her compassion and athleticism. Her political agenda mainly revolves around strengthening Asparagal’s alliance with the Zephros and generally increasing freedoms. She captains the vessel Borrowed Sunbeam and wields Biletooth a throwing needle that her former incarnation ripped from the mouth of Kimberry.
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Exaltation – Joy of Sunset


The five mortals elected to the Forum are head and shoulders above their bretheren in political clout, it is not general knowledge whom the polity would elect if they stepped down.

Enlightened Gust
Enlightened Gust was born in the Northlands and studied under the No Moon Council of Blizzards, she is a consumate weather worker. In the levelled playing field she is known as a formidable debater and her political agenda revolves around advancing agricultural interests and preserving thaumaturgical eductional funding.
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Lot Mei
Lot Mei is ancient for a mortal, in his early ninties, and constantly purifies his still-spry body with the practice of esoteric Terrestrial Martial Arts. While not the most active rhetor, mortal and exalts alike value his wisdom. He does not have a well defined political agenda, but seeks to avoid strife and believe in the inherent value of each life.
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Nautha Zoph
Nautha is the pater familius of those Zephros that have come to reside in Asparagal. His connections with the nomadic traders have made him fabulously wealthy, and his wealth is spent on accruing power. His agenda is one of free trade and friendly relations with the Zephros. He is known to spend very little time outside the Forum.
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Fer Hammard
One-time mercenary this hard-bitten commander of men has served in the forces of both Bastion of Majesty and Jolaan Dreameater, and it is their presence in Asparagal that drew him here. Like Jolaan he is dedicated to slaying the beasts of the Wyld and his political agenda revolves around preparing the City-strider for all-out war.
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Yara Kin-Ron
No one really knows why the master courtesan Yara Kin-Ron was elected to a post in the Forum. While achingly beautiful she seems to have little interest in oratory and no real agenda.
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Members of the Forum

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