With over a hundred Solar Exalts ruling the world from within its hallowed halls Meru can be a dangerous and wonderful place. Meru is extremely Caste segregated, both in terms of geography and politics.

Dawn Caste Solar
A veteran of the Primordial War, Atarkus is the eldest Exalt currently serving on the Deliberative. His name is synonymous with tactical acumen, and his agenda is one of carefully planned aggression against the enemies of creation.

Oxala’a The Inexorable Tide
Zenith Caste Solar
Currently is command of the Deliberative’s Western Fleet, Oxala’a is a close personal friend, some say lover, of Leviathan and Atarkus. Her agenda is more directionally focussed, but no less warlike than Atarkus’.

Jenamor The Scholar of the Absence
Twilight Caste Solar
Almost as ancient as Atarkus, Jenamor is less of a political animal than the other Archdiocesan Heads. Instead she is revered by the Copper Spiders as a foremost expert on the Underworld and its denizens. Her agenda is largely one of gleaning knowledge and pushing the boundaries of the Deliberative’s domain into the land of the dead.

Illuminated Eye
Night Caste Solar
Illuminated Eye is perhaps more of a theory, or perhaps a title, than an actual person. The Night Caste of Meru seem to all vote the same way, but no one really knows whom to talk to regarding policy matters. Their agenda has trended toward intelligence gathering in the esoteric realms.

Eclipse Caste Solar
Wotahn is the reincarnation of a much more potent Exalt. While he does not have the acumen to hold his former self’s influence, his Lunar mate has survived him and now runs much of his political empire. His, or perhaps his mate’s, agenda is one of peace, especially with those barbarian tribes still at the edge of what is.

Waning Moon Lunar
Wotahn’s Lunar mate. Little is known about Varanidea save her competence and beauty.

Prelate Solanus
Zenith Caste Solar
Actually a title rather than a name, Prelate Solanus is another young Exalt with a potent former self. He vies for control of the city’s Zenith with Oxala’a, held back primarily due to his age and radical views on the Dragonblooded place in society.


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