Other Exalted

Kilraen the Architect of Verdant Mystery
Wood Dragonblood
Following in Aspera’s footsteps this middle-aged Dragonblood is one of the foremost experts on life-crafting. His political agenda is focused on exploring the wonders of Aparagal’s construction. He rides Gloamwing, a giant moth-beast of his own design.
Ally o

Zeriss, First Student of Devon
Twilight Caste
Though Asparagal is a wonder of magitech rather than of pure sorcery, its position at the edges of the world has attracted the Ancient Twilight caste sorcerer Zeriss in his quest to find Brigid the Mother of Sorcery or some sign of her passing. To the degree that he has a political agenda it is to keep Aspargal ever on the move so his search can continue. Zeriss has secured many demenses across the face of creation using his magics and has a legendary wealth of Hearthstones.
Ally ooo

Geraed Judge of the Dead
Half Moon
Geraed is the reincarnation of Boneclaw the All Consuming, an ancient and savage Lunar who perished in one of the first excursions to the nascent Underworld. He is considerably more tactful than in his prior life and is known for his obsessive thirst for knowledge about the dark shadow of Creation. His political agenda revolves around tempering the martial response of Asparagal. In battle he wields the Final Gavel, and against massive threats from the dark realm he dons the Warstrider Ivory Condemnation.
Ally oo

Air Dragonblood
Aeolea has lived in Asparagal for at least 10 years, and during that time has not been seen in public more than a handful of times. This secretive Exalt’s political agenda revolves around improving Asparagal’s inteligence service. Nothing is known about her purportedly formidable panoply.
Connections oo (Counts as 2 major contacts, cannot be taken as an ally)

Bastion of Majesty
Dawn Caste
Bastion of Majesty is a massive man, so much so that it is rumoured that his people are from just beyond the borders of creation. While a leader of men, he is primarily a personal combatant. He is not particularly political. Bastion of Majesty wields the Daiklave of Conquest and often pilots a warstrider crafted of pure essence called Soul of Majesty.
Ally o

Learned Temblor
Earth Dragonblood
Learned Temblor is an ancient Dragonblooded sorcerer with extensive knowledge of the occult. He is not particularly political. He wears the Shroud of the Mountaintops which provides him unprecedented sorcerous insight while meditating.
Ally o

Joll Syff
Night Caste Solar
Joll is an curious and explorative thief. He tends to be happy go lucky, and take life one moment at a time. He has a well known fascination with Elsewhere as a realm. He spends the majority of his time in Asparagal getting into mischief and pilfering things that people generally find odd choices, either because they are meaningless, or because they are important, but no one thought they were. He is always willing to help others, even mortals in their small problems. He is also known to be fiercely loyal to his circle mates.
Player Character (James)

The Subtle Craftsman
Twilight Cast Solar
Like all of the Twilight cast the Craftsman is a builder of wonders to rival the creations of the primordials who first created the ideas of form. The craftsman first love is the forging of words into solid objects. Why build a sword from metal when you can make it from the purest ideas of battle and sharpness? He was once known as the premier socialite of the Copper spiders but since the creation of his greatest wonders to date, The Band of Folded Runes, and Immaculate Pearl of the Behemoths Courtier he has lost any real interest in the world around him. His power has slipped away slowly over the last few centuries. Thankfully recent troubles and inspirations seem to be slowly pulling him out of his great depression.
Player character (Tetsuo)

Victorious Omen: Fire-Hearted Tower of Dawn’s Might
Dawn Cast Solar
Victorious Omen is a quintessential military leader. The youngest of his circle, he nonetheless carries himself in an imperious, sometimes overbearing manner, such that others may mistake him for an Exalt far older. He believes that growth, both personal and societal, comes only through conflict, and holds warfare to be the purest form of conflict-growth. His quest for mastery of the arts of war has taken him from battlefield to battlefield across creation, but he has now reached the point where his personal growth is impeded by his young age. He is seeking other ways to supplement his abilities whilst waiting for (he would say “fighting for”) his next level of enlightenment. His battle-gear includes Beacon of Divinity, a powerful gladius-like Daiklave forged by The Subtle Craftsman himself, and the Shield of Righteous Protection, which safeguards many at once. Many say his true weapon of choice, however, is The Many Blades of Divinity, his elite troop of Dragon-Blooded champions.
Player Character (Al)

Endless Bound
Waxing Moon Lunar
Endless Bound is many things. He is a trickster. He is the husband of Rising over the Highest Peak. He is a hero of Asparagal. He was, until recently, deceased. And he is the present owner of The Rosary of Storms. It was ten years ago that Endless Bound was seen fell on the battlefield by the undead behemoth Hekatonhire Squamarasa. His wife and many others wept. The time of his mourning has come and gone. Now he has returned to Asparagal, and has told the tale that his death was a rouse that he needed to perpetrate in order to gain control of The Rosary of Storms.
Ally ?
Note He is also an unrepentant bastard who will know the wrath of a distraught Twilight soon enough!

Aubade Aria
(Former?) Eclipse Caste Solar
Recently arrived in Asparagal in pursuit of an ancient Dragon King artifact instrument, once Aubade Aria was a prominent and well respected member of the Solar Deliberative. In recent years she has faded somewhat from the public glare as she pursued her study and mastery of music and instrumentation to the point of perfection. It is rumored by some that she has pursued the perfect note too far. Indeed, shortly after her arrival in Asparagal the Subtle Craftsman and Infinite Forgiveness discovered that she has in fact bent her own essence to the point where she is not precisely an Eclipse Caste Solar anymore but an Exalt of Music itself. She is the pilot of the mighty warstrider “Serenade of Sonorous Strides”; a unique instrument of war that is also a majestic pipe organ and lyre.

Rising over the Highest Peak
Zenith cast Solar
Rising over the Highest Peak was an intrepid explorer, soul bound lover of the waxing moon lunar Endless Bound, a beloved procurer of strange materials, and a tireless fighter against creations enemy’s great and small. These days are sadly behind her as her recent bargain with Quarox the Bargainer to gain knowledge of her fallen love, has left her very Essence drained. She has also lost the ability to trust others and even her own perceptions as what was a mere weeks absence to her circle was the span of years to her.

Deana, Luna’s Motherly Lash
Full Moon Lunar
Deana is the embodiment of Luna as the Mother, she sees the people of Asparagal as her children and her focus in life is to love and protect them as well as her Solar mate; The Infinite Forgiveness of our Father Sol Invictus, The Compassionate Corona, The Inexorable Embrace of Redemption. Deana is a stout armadillo Lunar famed for her invulnerable hide, loving predisposition, short temper and long memory. Her war form is famously invulnerable, no weapon has been found that can pierce her silver armadillo plating.
Ally O

Chosen Of Secrets
Emerald is a young Sidereal bureaucrat, responsible for an unenviable post at the Convention on Unacceptable Entities. He is saddled with oversight of The Bailiff’s Office. Like many Sidereals his comings and goings are often mysterious. He is known to be a Celestial Circle Sorcerer, little else is known about his capabilities or panoply.

Ooranara Bailiff of Destiny
Zenith Caste Solar
Gruff and duty-bound The Bailiff enforces the dictates of the Deliberative and the 5 Bureaus. She wields the Fateweft Lens, a massive destiny-altering canon.

Lothanna The Ever Hidden
Chosen Of Secrets
Head Vizier in the Bureau of Secrets, she is a strong advocate against any dealings with Quorux or any creature beyond Fate. Nothing is known about her capabilities or Panoply.

Other Exalted

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