Solar Charm Changes


Lambent Bolts of Annihilation
The attack supplemented by this charm is both Unblockable and Undodgeable. (Ignore from ‘The target must dodge…’ to ‘… rely on Resistance defenses.’)

Martial Arts

Solar Hero Supremacy
The pre-requisite for this Charm should be ‘Ox-Stunning Blow’, and not ‘Fists of Iron Technique’.
This Charm reduces the costs of all Solar Hero Charms by one mote, not three.
Ignore the final sentence about Ox-Stunning Blow; it should read “Furthermore, on any attack that is considered unarmed for the purpose of Solar Hero Style, you can activate Ox-Stunning Blow without it counting as a charm activation. This does not affect the cost of Ox-Stunning Blow (beyond the usual 1m discount), and can be used even if Ox-Stunning Blow was used on the previous action.”

Swallowing the Lotus Roots
Martial Arts Essence Flow is no longer a prerequisite for this Charm.

Orichalcum Fists of Battle
Ignore the line beginning with “Her effective Essence and Martial Arts…”.
The pre-requisite for this Charm is Shockwave Technique.


Call The Blade
Add the following text at the end of the charm: “…if the weapon being drawn is openly carried on the Exalt’s person this does not count as a charm activation.”

Golden Destruction Cut
Change the final sentence to: “If an attack hits with more net successes than the target’s Dexterity this effect can be utilized reflexively, this does not count as a Charm activation.”

Sharp Light of Judgment Stance
Change the range of this Charm to Melee x 10 yards. Electing to use an attack on an approaching attacker counts as a Counterattack.


Acuity of the Far Flung Hand
This Charm is no longer Permanent; instead it is an Simple charm, with a Duration equal to the action being attempted at range (generally a Speed 5, Miscellaneous Action). It costs 3m to use this charm, and it has the Combo OK and Obvious keywords. The pre-requisites for this Charm are unchanged.

Maelstrom of Celestial Dominance
Change the duration of this Charm to 1 action and it does not counterattack people.


Forging of the Sun’s Legions Practise
The pre-requisite for this Charm should be ‘Legendary Warrior Curriculum’, and not ‘Fury Inciting Presence’.

Immunity to Armies Approach
This Charm’s Type is changed to Reflexive and its Duration is changed to Instant. It has the Combo-Basic keyword rather than Combo-OK.


Lion’s Roar Recovery
The charm text reads:
“The Lawgiver gain validation from the legendary excellence. When she uses a stunt to recover Willpower, the Solar may activate this Charm to instead recover a number of Willpower points equal to her lowest Virtue. (She can’t increase her temporary Willpower above its normal maximum though).”

Sacrosanct Soul Retribution
The prerequisite for this Charm is Elusive Dream Defense.
This Charm has the Counterattack keyword.

This Charm creates a normal Perfect effect, it does not trump Perfect Defenses and it provides a threshold of 0.


Infatuation-Gathering Idol Meditation
This Charm gains the Compulsion, Emotion and Combo-Basic keywords.
The Charm’s type & Duration are no longer Permanent. It now has a cost of 15m, 1wp, has a type of Simple and a Duration of Scene.
The Solar needs to beat her target’s MDV as normal . If she does this, those target’s acquire an Intimacy towards her. [Keep original text about the functioning of this Intimacy]. This Intimacy counts as Unnatural Mental Influence and costs two willpower to resist.
In order to activate the secondary effect (the section beginning, “Furthermore…”), she needs to score more than five excess successes on the initial attack after beating the highest MDV in the crowd. The desire to pass on the Solar’s words is a Compulsion effect and can be resisted by spending 1 willpower. The Solar’s initial attack roll must be able to beat the MDVs of secondary targets before it can affect them.

Catching the Sun’s Glance
The Type of this charm is changed to Simple, and though the Charm’s Duration does not change, if the user does not take a miscelaneous action on every one of their actions the effect lapses. The damage caused by this spell is soakable and rolled as normal.


Mind-Blanking Rebuke
Add the following to the charm text: “This Charm is a form of Unnatural Mental Influence. It cannot force a target to enact an Unacceptable Order, however – such attempts automatically fail with no willpower cost for the target. Once a target has spent two willpower to resist this Charm, further attempts to induce the same Compulsion using this Charm in the same scene automatically fail.”
This charm has the Counter-Attack keyword.

Eternal Empress of Love Attitude
This Charm permanently supplements all Presence-based social attacks made by the Solar. If a supplemented social attack beats the MDV of a target with an MDV lower than the Solar’s Presence, Eternal Empress of Love Attitude affects them, creating an Unnatural Intimacy of ‘Love the Solar’. The target must spend 1 willpower per action to harm or oppose the Solar; once they have spent (Presencex2) willpower, the effect of this Charm ends, and the Intimacy changes to ‘Hate the Solar’.


Wound-Mending Purity Stance
This Charm is now Permanent.
“This Charm is an extension of Body-Mending Meditation. By spending an extra 2m, 1wp, the Lawgiver makes Body-Mending Meditation active instantly (ignoring the normal requirement for an hour’s rest) for the duration of the scene. When active in this manner, Body-Mending Meditation starts to heal the Solar immediately. (need to work on actual healing rate)

Incomparable Soul-Borne Warstrider
This Charm ‘merely’ creates a standard Warstrider. Mobility/fatigue penalties still apply and the Solar will have to find an appropriately sized weapon.


Solar Flare Methodology
This Charm does not exist as written, as it has nothing to do with Survival.

Greater Blessing of Day
This charm does not ‘nullify’ the Wyld it effectively reduces the level of the Wyld in the area by one stage. The Compulsion effect is an undodgeable, unblockable social attack on those Creatures of Darkness with Essence lower than the Solar’s.


Unknown Wisdom Epiphany
This Charm cannot see back infinitely far into the past, it can only see events that occurred within the last Essence x 100 years. This Charm counts as an Attack when opposing charms that attempt to occlude the past; ignore the line about perfect effects.

Heaven’s Gaze
This charm provides knowledge of one event, the wielder must know two of the event’s place, time or general nature and participants. For example you could ask “What happened when Chen Wu parted ways with his Sifu in Gem?” or “What happened in Gem 5 years and 1 Season ago?”.


Aspect of the Philosopher Prince
Remove this Charm, as it already exists as the Integrity Charm ‘Unhesitating Dedication’.

Terrestrial Edification Programme
This Charm is no longer capable of awakening the Essence of mortals en masse (you must use another Charm to do this). It can raise the Essence of Enlightened beings, and aid in teaching them Thaumaturgy, Sorcery and Spells. Spells cannot be learnt until Terrestrial Circle Sorcery has been learnt, and the pre-requisites for learning TCS are unchanged (i.e. Essence 3, Occult 3). It also does not bypass the requirement for all sorcerers to pass through the Five Stations before learning TCS. The teacher can only train the subjects in Thaumaturgical Arts and Spells that she knows herself.

Wyld-Handling Science
The pre-requisite for this Charm is Wyld Cauldron Technology.


Deific Vantage Stance
This charm lets the Solar shift her viewpoint to one directly above her that looks downwards. It can be up to Awareness x 100 yards above her.

Ever-Watchful Sentinel Dedication
This Charm allows you to declare a single trigger or situation, related to an Intimacy or your Motivation. When this trigger comes into play, Surprise Anticipation Method can be activated without it counting as a Charm activation, for a cost of 3 motes. The trigger can be changed by paying 1xp, and this Charm can be purchased up to (Awareness) times, with each purchase coming with its own trigger.


Refinement of Flowing Shadows
This Charm is Permanent. It permanently extends the function of Seven Shadows Evasion, changing the duration to ‘one action’. It also increases the cost of Seven Shadows Evasion to 6m.

Divine Witness of Utter Safety
The Solar cannot Perfectly Dodge to enact the future perfection. The restriction on the target raising their Essence is a special Flaw of Invulnerability. Once defeated this charm cannot again affect the same person.


Shroud of Night’s Law
The Charm gains the Compulsion keyword. Remove the reference to this Charm being a perfect effect (‘…is a perfect effect that…’). It costs two willpower to resist the effects of this charm.


Speed the Wheels
There does not seem to be any description of the Begin Project action. This charm applies its written effects to the first roll of an extended test using the Bureaucracy skill.

Indolent Official Charm
There does not seem to be any description of the Begin Project action. This charm applies its written effects to the first roll of an extended test using the Bureaucracy skill.

Halo of Ministerial Dominion
The pre-requisite for this Charm is ‘Bureau Rectifying Method’, not ‘Speed the Wheels’.
The person resisting rolls the same dice pool as the Solar. The Solar gains his dots of Backing equal to his threshold successes, to a maximum of 5. It should be noted that one does not spend XP for these Background points because they go away when the charm ends.


Beautiful Essence-Born Rune
This Charm does not exist as written.


Shining Inevitable Lasso
Replace the Charm text with the following: ‘The Solar lassos any normal animal within Essence yards, rolling Dexterity + Ride vs. the animals DDV. The Solar gets automatic successes on this roll equal to her Essence. If she succeeds, she can mount the animal and cannot be dismounted until the Charm expires. Her social attacks to tame the animal take only 5 ticks to perform and count as Unnatural Mental Influence (and cost two willpower each to resist). Finally, the target suffers an external penalty on all attack rolls against the Solar equal to her Ride score.’


Invincible Solar Vessel
The ship created by this Charm vanishes at dawn (Duration is one day). However, the charm can be reapplied to the ship (for the same cost as summoning the ship) in the moments before dawn, allowing it to exist for another day.

Misty Voyage
The pre-requisite for this Charm is Perfect Reckoning Technique.
This Charm functions as written, but the flavour is that the ship merely travels supremely quickly, rather than through an eerie place (as an existing Sidereal charm does that).


Golden Courtier Misdirection
This Charm gains the Counterattack keyword. Change ‘This charm is a perfect defense…’ to ‘This charm perfectly defends…’. If the Solar draws on Traits that she has occluded (e.g. uses her Motivation to boost her MDV) then anyone who tried to read her traits previously realises that something was wrong with their previous reading and may attempt to re-discover these Traits. When feeding a target false information, the target can spend two willpower to realise that the information is false (only this latter part of the Charm counts as a Counterattack).

Web-Cutting Eyes
Remove the last sentence from this Charm (beginning with “Furthermore, she instantly …”).
The pre-requisite for this Charm is Understanding the Court.

Mastery of Society Technique
The pre-requisite for this Charm are Taboo Inflicting Diatribe, Wise-Eyed Courtier Method and Wild Revelry Approach.
The Solar does not ‘flawlessly determine the name, Motivation and location’ of every person, but she does know if people spend 1 wp to act against it (though she’ll have to find out who, and where, on her own).

Solar Charm Changes

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