Unacceptable Entities

Ansella The Prismatic Peacock
Eclipse Caste Solar?
Jiadabeth The Builder Queen
No Moon Lunar?

Lord Vinum
Fey Prince
From his massive Goblet Fortress, the monstrously obese Lord Vinum exudes a haughty air of contempt for all those born of Creation. He wields the power to reshape the Wyld with great proficiency, creating himself a kingdom of dreams to rule over. He is aided by his champion Golliwog, a creature with potent shaping powers in its own right. Vinum was known for being one of the more reasonable and diplomatic Lords of his kind, until he aided in a failed attack against the city of Asparagal. When he refused to give up information about his co-conspirators freely, he was destroyed by Victorious Omen, supposedly permanently.

Teleiosteg The Eternal Hunger

Chadharaam The Apocalyptic Poet
Svaharath The Empty Thunderclap

Wind-Blown Ember
Fire Dragonblooded Akuma
Wind-Blown Ember is a mysterious and possibly unique entity. While little is known for certain, she claims to serve a master that is not her maker, implying that she no longer serves the agenda of the Yozis. Instead, Joll Syff’s spying may have revealed her new allegiance: the Primordial Quarox the Bargainer, who, given his sphere of influence, may well have traded for her soul. Whatever her backing, her actions are surprisingly straightforward: she never acts aggressively, but counters every interrogation with a magical one of her own. Once she knows what a person desires, she attempts to set terms for a bargain. Her stilted, almost mechanical manner has led some to believe she has as little control over her actions as a piece on a game board.

Unacceptable Entities

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