White Wolf Errata

Charm Changes

Claws of the Silver Moon

(p. 144) Bases its modifiers on the natural, unmodified Strength rating of the Lunar’s true human form.

Flowing Body Evasion

(p. 151) has a Duration of Instant rather than One action.

Snake Body Technique

(p. 152) Although declared in Step Two, resolves as normal for a counterattack in Step Nine, permitting the original aggressor to defend himself against his redirected attack.

Halting the Scarlet Flow

(p. 160) When used as a Gift, requires the commitment of 3m and permits the Lunar to reflexively regener- ate one lethal health level at the beginning of each action.

Clover Can’t Be Found

(p. 177) Type is Simple.

Flowing Body Ascension

(Dreams of the First Age: Book Two—Lords of Creation, p. 69) adds a +3m, 1wp surcharge to its prerequisite when employed, rather than +2m.

Other Exalted Type Changes

Solars, Abyssals and Sidereals will use all of the errata printed. The optional rules for Solar / Abyssal Conviction flaw of invulnerability and Twilight / Daybreak anima power are being used (you can thank me later).

White Wolf Errata

Exalted: Lords of Asparagal Xarei